To leave in the hands of experts the appraisal of goods is crucial to determine a precise, detailed and informative evaluation of the fair and most exact value that a buyer should pay for a certain good (personal or real property). This way it can be avoided to over-value or under-value an asset which may affect any of the parts involved in the transaction.                                                      

The prestige and trust that more than 23,000 appraisals give ICICOR since its foundation, have allowed us to position ourselves as one of the leading corporations with the highest knowledge of the real estate market in Costa Rica; therefore, independent clients, public and private banking entities, have trusted our services and relied on us for years.

 Our experts are members of the Costa Rican “Association of Federated Engineers and Architects”, and are constantly trained and updated in modern evaluation methodologies. They also possess a digital signature.

 We count on the necessary tools to carry out reliable appraisals, including Geographic Information Systems to administer the database space-geographically, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and drones to facilitate the areal recognition of goods. We count on a Back-Office department to assist our professionals with a continuous updating of market information, updating regulatory legislation plans and general documentation to carry out the most thorough appraisals as possible.

 We use, as it may correspond, cost replacement appraisals, market value, residual value, the method of profitability among other methods commonly accepted.

 To determine the value of the property, the homologation criteria is used, which determines the value in square meters for the property of interest, through comparison with properties that show similar characteristics. If possible, the transactional values are determined in order to apply corrective or comparative action which may adjust the differences that at the adjuster’s criteria exist between the appraised property and those which it is compared with.


The homologation criteria take corrections into account by factors of age, the condition of conservation, functionality, and location among others. Our appraisals count with the support of professionals with ample knowledge of the real estate market and its trends.

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