About us

Welcome to ICICOR

ICICOR Costa Rica S.A. is a Costa Rican company leader in the real estate sector that provides services with professional excellence, innovators and highly reliable.

Our History

ICICOR Costa Rica S.A. is a Costa Rican company leader in the real estate sector that provides services with professional excellence, innovators and highly reliable. A company consolidated throughout 20 years thanks to the trust of our clients, who through their reference have distinguished us as a company committed with quality.

Since 2003, a team of professionals with an ample track record incorporated the company inspired in the value of support to our clientele through reliable information, endorsed by the expert knowledge and thorough research which allows them to make the best decisions.

We Initially started with appraisals and gradually added an ample line of services with the purpose of offering a more integrated solution which may serve as expert support in our client’s investments.

Since then, ICICOR has positioned itself in the banking and independent sectors as a company specialized in appraisals, precise and trustworthy. This has allowed us to build a portfolio of clients with more than 23,000 completed appraisals; approximately 200 per month and hundreds of clients.

ICICOR offers services of design and inspection of projects, project management, construction audit of the investments, technical due diligence, real estate consultancy, asset appraisals, and specialized studies. And more recently, the services of BIM Modeled (Building Information Modeling), and the introduction of the variable for the adaptation to climate changes which has become one of ICICOR’s greatest challenges.

Doubtless, the most valuable asset of the company is the trust given to us by our clients; those  who  based on  references  have allowed  us  to consolidate  our performance record; trust that we protect with services of the utmost quality and the constant search of innovative solutions.

One of our main assets is our human resources; we count with close to 50 associates in different fields, amongst them: Engineering, Architecture, Land Surveyors, Administration, Economy, Finances, who distinguish themselves by their experience, professional excellence, constant training, ingenuity, commitment and pride of a job well done.

Each one is committed with a working philosophy focused on customer service and respect of the environment. It is thus, that our design team, dully accredited by the EDGE Certification (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies), is inspired in tasks that integrate a sustainable concept.

Today, after 20 years of service, ICICOR has become a leading company in the real estate market, who with an environmental conscience provides innovative, reliable and high-quality solutions.


“We are a multidisciplinary professional team
with extensive experience, focused on offering
our clients innovative solutions and
sustainable, through economic valuation and
finance, high technology and engineering
of value to optimize projects
in which we are involved”.


“To be a leading company in innovative solutions, committed to quality and principles of sustainability, to generate experiences of success to the investments of our clients”



Our decisions are guided by respect, justice, responsibility and honesty in everything we do.

Customer Service

We carefully attend to the needs of our clients and strive to provide them with innovative, timely solutions and top quality service.

Professional Excellence

We are distinguished by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, with solid technical knowledge and committed to achieving objectives in an efficient and timely manner.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to carrying out our work, implementing the best practices to guarantee sustainability.

Human Talent Development

We promote the permanent development of our team, to strengthen their skills, abilities and performance, in an environment that provides security and job satisfaction.

Social Responsability

We strive to maintain a balance between economic growth and the well-being of our social and environmental environment.