Project Design and Inspection

Space is an important generator of emotions amongst people. Our attitudes are greatly influenced by our preference and satisfaction of our surroundings. The usefulness of a construction will depend on a large scale on the degree of satisfaction of the needs and activities of the end user.

Understanding the influence that design has on people, we consolidated an integral group of professionals who are responsible for adding value to our client’s investment. A meticulous research of their needs, activities, and resources are the base to an innovative response shaped on intelligent designs which add distinction to any building work and improve the quality of life in people.

In addition, each one of our designs prints the “sustainable” concept which satisfies the present needs without hindering the needs of the future. Our designer team is incorporated to the EDGE Certification (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies), all committed with practices of energetic efficiency, preferences to the “green architecture” and to the incorporation of the variable for the adaptation to climate change through our Risk Warning System in Adaptation to Climate Change (RWSACC).

We also provide assistance in the development of the groundwork, preliminary studies, draft plans and construction blueprints of building projects in the residential, corporate, commercial or industrial fields. Our professionals are responsible for the design and inspection of the construction process in order to guarantee that the undertaking is carried out in conformity with the best labor regulations, construction practices, blueprints, and technical specifications.




Our Clients