Due Diligence and Real Estate Consultancy

The “Due Diligence” service is the expert advice we offer our clients during the arrangement process of a business or during the stage of evaluation of an investment. It’s the initial step to obtain reliable and true information to analyze all the opportunities or threats which the investor may encounter when making a certain transaction – as an example, to invest in a specific project or acquire a new company or business.

In this process, a thorough investigation takes place and the gathering of necessary information over the project under study with the objective of evaluating its potential for success or failure, from different approaches: technical, operational, legal, commercial, economic, financial etc., depending on the client’s needs.

This process pursues to identify, prevent, and/or mitigate any negative impact which may affect the client’s interests and develop the necessary strategies to obtain the utmost benefits and safeguard the investment.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals with ample background investigates and analyzes every possibility which may affect or benefit the investment, while it designs the best strategies of problem solutions or mitigation of threats.

We also provide counseling in the selection of a location or property, assistance in the bargaining of property acquisition, through the evaluation of the potential that properties may have in their location for commercial purposes.