“Hacienda Espinal”

“Hacienda Espinal”

This project was supervised in three stages: Phase 1 (2011), Phase 2 (2011) and Phase 3 (2017).

  • Phase 1 (2011): Construction Audit of the development and marketing of plot 19 which encompasses a sub-condominium of 71 subsidiary parcels with residential lots of an average of 1,277 m². General infrastructure work such as main accesses, electro-mechanic systems, treatment plant, and rainwater holding pond.


  • Phase 2 (2011): Continuance of general work at the parent property: Main accesses, electromechanics systems, treatment plant, rainwater holding ponds, and recreational areas, among others. The development and marketing of plot 08 (FF08), where a sub-condominium was established of 59 subsidiary parcels, with residential lots of 771 m², on the average.


  • Phase 3 (2017): Construction Audit of the infrastructure of the condominium, including mechanical systems, electric and telephone wiring, vehicular and pedestrian accesses and circulation and green- landscaped areas. Likewise, social /recreational areas such as a gym, tennis courts, bus stop, and peripheral wall.

2011 - 2017