“City Mall”, Shopping Center.

“City Mall”, Shopping Center.

The appraisal of all the mall is completed with an area of 189,750 square meters amongst main and complementary buildings.

The appraisal is done according to the methodology of building replacement cost and market value.

 The total appraised area of the buildings was 98,670 m² and of the complementary facilities was 91,080 m².


The construction work encompasses:

  •  Three levels for commercial premises. Level 1 has 92 commercial units, 14 stands, 5 restaurant facilities, rows of bathrooms, performance hall, and 2 exterior open terraces. Level 2 has 102 commercial units, 13 stands, 4 restaurant facilities, 24 units at the food court and rows of bathrooms. Level 3 has 16 commercial units, banking area, the cinemas, one game room, and 4 stands.


  • Three basements where the operations and management offices are located, restaurant facilities and commercial units, stands and parking lots.

189.750 m2