Our Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy

Our Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy

27 November, 2023

     A gender equity policy is a set of rules that allow equal participation of men and women in their organizational and social environment with a value higher than those traditionally established, thereby avoiding the implementation of stereotypes or discrimination. Establishes achieving equality by integrating the principle of substantive equality in educational programs and policies, eliminating stereotypes that produce inequality, developing projects and programs, guarantees of education and training for work based on the principle of equality, and incentives for research. in everything related to equality between women and men.

     It is important to note that gender discrimination is a violation of human rights and that gender equality is a fundamental human right. Gender discrimination can take many forms, such as discrimination in employment, education, healthcare, housing, and political participation. Gender equality and non-discrimination policies seek to address these inequalities and ensure that all people, regardless of their gender, have equal opportunities and access to the same rights and resources.

     Costa Rica has signed responsibilities and obligations with various legal and political instruments of an international, regional and national nature that guarantee the obligation to comply with effective equality and non-discrimination of women and men in the enjoyment of all human, economic, social, cultural, civil and political.

     At the business level, working to build equity between women and men necessarily leads to the strengthening of Corporate Social Responsibility, in order to integrate the gender perspective into the internal processes of the organization and promote a change that is reflected in the company, in the life of each collaborator and in society.

    ICICOR recognizes the importance of promoting labor relations based on equal opportunities, gender equality, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, in accordance with our business value of Social Responsibility.

     As a service company, ICICOR understands that any type of relationship is founded on respect for human rights. Acting in this way adds value because it allows us to take advantage of talents, better use resources, lead to better social results, promote greater economic growth and strengthen the ideals of peace and democracy of Costa Rican society.

     This document defines the guidelines on gender equality and non-discrimination that ICICOR is committed to integrating into its strategy, processes and operations, to ensure that women and men who work in our organization have equal opportunities and treatment.


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