Sustainable Policy

Sustainable Policy

2 November, 2020

Our environmental commitment and community responsibility.

At ICICOR COSTA RICA we are committed to promote a business management that will preserve the balance between the economic growth, the environmental protection and the social wellbeing. Our Sustainable Policy (in effect since February 5, 2020) intends to formalize and pinpoint this agreement, in order to strengthen the competitively of the business and contributes to the quality of life and development of our personnel, clients, vendors and the costarrican society.

With full commitment and support from Management to ensure the compliance of the Sustainable Policy and Plan, ICICOR is committed to assume the following:

1. To stablish a Responsible Management Model, applying social commitment criteria, environmental awareness, sustainable procurement and the introduction of sustainable criteria at different process levels of the Firm. As a support to the Police, ICICOR´s Sustainable Plan is available as per the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO).

2. To implement an Energy Efficiency Management, focused on energy efficiency and the use of innovative renewable energy sources, in order to optimize and control the energy consumption in our operations.

3. To promote Responsible Water Management, seeking to minimize, raise awareness and better use of water resource in our operations.

4. To implement Responsible Residues and Waste Management by applying the principle of 4RV (rethink consumption, reduce consumption, reutilize products, recycle, value waste materials), acquisition of biodegradable products, digital work in order to reduce printing.

5. Use of methodologies which allows for the metering and control of the Environmental Footprint, through calculations and control of the Carbon Footprint, water and energy consumption per person.

6. Carry out efforts to Raise Awareness of the Human Talent, by promoting corporate voluntary work, take actions to communicate and promote the rational consumption of resources.

 7. Encouraging Suppliers of our chain of value in order to adhere to sustainable initiatives and add sustainable approaches in our evaluation process, selection and reevaluation of suppliers.

8. Support Community project or activities, having positive impact over the local environment or the social development of the area of influence where the Firm operates.

9. Continuously searching for initiatives with positive impact on the Climate Change, and the developing of new tools, such as the Risk Warning System to Climate Change Adaptation (Sistema de Advertencia de Riesgo para Adaptación al Cambio Climático SARACC), developed by ICICOR for risk analysis and identification of hazards produced by climate change, and at the same time to identify new measures to adapt to climate change. In addition, ICICOR is committed with the climate action to raise awareness for CO2 emission reduction.

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