Climate Change or Climate Vulnerability? And?

Climate Change or Climate Vulnerability? And?

9 October, 2018

Mauricio Castro Salazar

Linkedin: mauricio castro Salazar


I have seen discussions in social networks whether we are living consequences of the climate changes or of the climate variability? Those arguments mean the same to me, we are simply being hit, and hard!

Whether we are vulnerable, whether we ran out of our capacity of resilience, whether it is bad planning? Yes, to all of the above! And? Do we move forward by recognizing it?

In reality, it’s unlikely that people who live in vulnerable zones are going to be relocated by the government or are willing to move. I can see it in Santa Ana; people have lived there for years next to the river banks, that is to say, “hard- core Santaneans”; we have talked about their vulnerability, river surge risks and even about death…

“And where can we go?”— they claim

“To a safer place”— I say

“Who is going to give us that?”—They ask

“The government”— I answer. And then I realize, I don’t believe the answer myself!


It seems easy to make comments and give lectures about what we live and even in showing solidarity with people during those emergency days, but the reality is that whether this is due to climate changes (which I am sure it is), or to climate variability (I could accept it but with ifs and buts), or of bad planning (totally in agreement) or of the loss of our capacity of resilience (I could also agree with this), is that the solution is NOT easy.

What should be done?

¡Relocate people!

And this is very complicated because an economic evaluation should be made (including social, environmental and financial costs) and not a simple cost- benefit evaluation (What is the cost of the lot where I can relocate these people?) because I am quite convinced that someone who lives in Santa Ana, will definitely not move to another county, more likely the solution for “Santaneans” is in Santa Ana.

¿Who should take care of this relocation?

The Housing Ministry, the IMAS, the INVU, National Emergency Commission, in coordination with the Municipality, and this is so expensive that it surpasses any municipal budget.

I am sure that once the emergency is over, the subject will be filed and forgotten and we will have to wait for the next meteorological event caused by the climate or vulnerability change or by the lack of planning or by the loss of resilience, to affect us again.

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